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Battelle single-sources hot and cold chromatography analysis

The new calibration option in Laura, LabLogic's chromatography data system, has simplified data handling and instrument control at Battelle UK's agrochemical product development laboratory in Ongar, Essex.

"We purchased Laura for our radioactive HPLC analyses in the first instance," said researcher Dr Liz Mills, "but because of the calibration capability we are also using it for non-radioactive UV quantitative assays, which are an increasing part of our work.

"Our users find Laura easy to learn, and they appreciate the convenience of having only one data system for the laboratory."

Calibrating known standards for UV/Vis and diode array detectors is the latest option to be added to Laura. It offers multiple choices of curve fits and fully flexible reporting with either internal or external calibration, relieving users of the need to run auxiliary software.

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