Beta-RAM® Model 4 - RHPLC Detector

B-RAM RHPLC Detector

β-RAM - The most sensitive, robust and smallest footprint instrument of its kind, combined with powerful Windows applications software.

The β-RAM flow-through monitor for HPLC eluates combines a proven detection system with the latest computer technology, enabling radio-chromatographers to quantitate radioactivity of the lowest amounts.

With bench space limited, the β-RAM has been designed to provide the smallest footprint of any flow-through monitor. Combined with remote computer capability the space-saving, stackable β-RAM design is the ideal solution for a busy and crowded laboratory.


Sensitivity - The β-RAM utilises high specification 1 inch photomultiplier tubes which maximise signal to noise ratios. This achieves ultra-low backgrounds, whilst maintaining optimum counting efficiency, making the β-RAM the most sensitive instrument available.

The β-RAM is available in two configurations - the model 4A, primarily intended for use with solid scintillators, or the model 4B which incorporates a mixer module for handling liquid scintillators.

The optimized β-RAM model 4 micro features special low dead volume fittings, tubing and mixing tee to minimize dead volume and so make the most of the rapid resolution and sharp peak definition. This makes it the ideal radio flow detector for the latest fast LC applications.


  • With new features carefully designed to meet your needs…the new Model 4 is "Measurably Better"
  • Highest Sensitivity…Lowest Background · 14C efficiency of > 90%; 3H efficiency of > 60%
  • Background of < 4 cpm for 3H and less than 1 cpm for 14C micro applications
  • Smallest footprint on the market - Vertical or Horizontal configuration for space saving installation

Additional functionality and options are available in the New β-RAM model 5.

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