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LabLogic is a worldwide market leader in the supply of LIMS and chromatography data systems to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and nuclear/PET industries. We also design, manufacture, sell and service instruments used in the measurement of low-level radioactivity. Our products help our customers accelerate their research, providing quality data using industry standard solutions.

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  • 4/4/2014
    Equipping the new PET Centre at the King Hamad University Hospital

    LabLogic have recently secured a contract to fully equip the new PET Centre at the King Hamad University Hospital in Bahrain with its innovative PET QC Solution.
  • 2/4/2014
    PETra User Group Meeting 2014

    LabLogic user group meetings are a unique opportunity for customers to shape product development such that it closely meets their requirements. Indeed, feedback from previous user group meetings has led to the development of some of LabLogic's market leading products which have since become the industry standard.
  • 7/3/2014
    The perfect PED

    Research staff at Newcastle University recently reviewed their usage of the Tracerco T404 Personal Electronic Dosimeter. Much easier to use than traditional personal radiation monitors, this instrument is perfect for both radiation specialists and those who are not working with radiation every day. Intrinsically safe, robust and reliable, it is the ideal instrument for nuclear medicine and research environments.

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